Eleanor Tomlinson Talks About the Brotherly Love on Poldark



In the early days of “Poldark,” Demelza’s home life was rich with a challenging home life that consisted of a tense relationship with her overbearing father. After being rescued by Ross, Demelza grew from an understated servant to a fierce, compassionate, strong-minded woman, wife, and mother.

As season three commenced, audiences were introduced to Demelza’s brothers Sam (played by Tom York) and Drake Carne (played by Harry Richardson). With Sam, we come to meet a man devoted to spreading the Methodist word. In the case of Drake, he’s much more interested in being a free spirit and, perhaps, finding love along the way.

Eleanor Tomlinson - Poldark Season 3

For Eleanor Tomlinson (Demelza), she is thrilled to have York and Richardson aboard the “Poldark” cast. “It has been so lovely creating the bond between Demelza and her bothers, and it has been really nice to have new actors come in – it gives the whole series a new injection of energy,” explained Tomlinson. “[York and Richardson] are both absolutely brilliant actors and have done a fabulous job with their characters.”

Poldark - Season 3

This week on “Poldark” (Wednesday, May 23 at 9pm ET/6pm PT), Ross attempts to learn of Dwight’s fate in Revolutionary France. Meanwhile, in Cornwall, George and Elizabeth lock horns with Sam and Drake.

How do York and Richardson feel about joining the award-winning series as Tomlinson’s brothers? “The three of us have become good friends, and that has made such a difference with playing a family on screen because you have a freedom and a short hand on set,” offered York.

Poldark - Season 3

Added Richardson: “The people who have been on the show [since the beginning] were so knowledgeable and welcoming and still working so hard. They were all acting as if we were filming season one. They are so fresh to it whilst also having so much experience to share.”
-Adam Grant

In this ‘Poldark Insider’ video, Eleanor Tomlinson, gives us insight into Demelza’s relationship with Ross, her character’s growing independence and more of what’s to come in Season 3

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