Marilyn Lightstone Makes a Woman’s Wish Come True



Marilyn Lightstone & Elva

Beloved Canadian actress, writer and radio personality Marilyn Lightstone has been warming peoples’ hearts for decades, including that of 87-year-old mega-fan Elva Hanson.

Hanson, who currently resides at the Pearl & Pine Retirement Residence in Burlington, Ontario, was given the chance to meet Lightstone as part of the community’s Make a Wish-esque program, Living List.

In a letter forwarded to Lightstone by Pearl & Pine, it was explained, “Elva is a very musically inclined individual and it was no surprise that her wish this year was influenced by the music she loves…that you bring to her.”

Of course, Lightstone made Hanson’s wish come true by inviting her down to Zoomer Hall in Toronto’s Liberty Village, for a taping of her forthcoming variety series, “All-Time Classic Hit Parade.” Seated in the front row, Hanson was one of the first people to see Lightstone’s latest project in action.

Inspired by the vintage “Your Hit Parade” radio and television shows, “All-Time Classic Hit Parade” features Lightstone and a cast of very talented individuals performing hit songs, sing-a-longs, dancing and tongue-in-cheek live commercials for the show’s sponsors.

Soon enough, Hanson was able to spend some wonderful moments with Lightstone, an encounter that brought a smile to both of their faces. You can watch their meeting, as well as a sneak peak at “All-Time Classic Hit Parade,” in the video below.

Stay tuned for more information regarding when and where you’ll be able to catch “All-Time Classic Hit Parade”!

-Adam Grant

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