Simcha Jacobovici Takes an Expanded Look at the Last Days of Jesus



Last Days of Jesus

As much as we often take history at its word, experience has taught us there is still a lot to be learned about important eras that shaped the world we live in. Of course, the life and death of Jesus Christ would count as one of those important eras.

In the intriguing new Simcha Jacobovici-led documentary, “Last Days of Jesus,” viewers are presented with new ideas related to Jesus Christ’s upbringing, values, emergence as a spiritual force, as well as the timing of his entries into Jerusalem and his eventual arrest and crucifixion. Furthermore, we are asked to look at the possibility of how multiple political power plays and overly ambitious individuals may have impacted his existence.

During an interview with ZoomerRadio’s Libby Znaimer for Zoomer Week in Review, Jacobovici explained why he felt it was necessary to reinvestigate such crucial elements of Jesus’ story.

Last Days of Jesus

Last Days of Jesus” premieres Monday, April 10 at 9pm ET/6pm PT on VisionTV!

“For me, this is history…and there are gaping holes in [Jesus’ story] that didn’t make sense,” noted Jacobovici. “For example, it didn’t make sense to me that he would come in on Good Friday and the crowds would be cheering and [everything’s] wonderful. Then within a couple of days, they’re screaming for his blood and they crucify him. What’s that all about? Why? Are they just evil people? Or did [Jesus] do something?

“Also, if anyone knows anything about Jewish history and holidays, they know that the description in the gospels…when Jesus comes into Jerusalem, they’re describing Tabernacles – not Passover,” he continued. “Everybody says it’s Passover, but, then as now, when Jews celebrate tabernacles they wave palm fronds and sing hosannas. That’s not Passover.”

Last Days of Jesus

Throughout “Last Days of Jesus,” viewers are taken to several historical sites that profoundly connect to Jesus’ rise and fall. Additionally, intense, dramatic re-enactments bring you inside Jesus’ world and those who impacted it positively and negatively.

On the surface, “Last Days of Jesus” presents observations and theories not necessarily consistent with what we’ve previously been taught to believe about Jesus’ life. But, with a goal of generating conversation and trying to tie up loose ends, Jacobovici sees the film as one that’s not designed to feel threatening to people of faith.

Last Days of Jesus” premieres Monday, April 10 at 9pm ET/6pm PT on VisionTV!

Last Days of Jesus

“I don’t think it’s threatening. What we do is fill out the blanks,” said Jacobovici. “Again, I’m relying on the gospels. People don’t read the fine print, so to speak. The gospels say that Jesus entered twice into Jerusalem – once secretly during Tabernacle and once publically during Passover. Basically, all we are doing is flipping it. I think he entered publically during Tabernacle and secretly during Passover. I know that from the gospels.

“What we are doing is taking events that have been squished into one week and opening it up,” he added. “So, if anybody’s interested in the story of Jesus – theologically or historically – it’s one of those stories that changed the face of this planet. You want to fill in the blanks. I think we are filling in blanks that people have wondered about…and we’re making sense of the story.”

Last Days of Jesus

For more on the “Last Days of Jesus,” please visit our comprehensive show page dedicated to this astounding documentary. Here, you’ll find a full synopsis, as well as a photo gallery featuring stirring images from the film.

About Simcha Jacobovici: A three-time Emmy Award-winner, Jacobovici was the driving force behind a selection of highly praised, fascinating VisionTV programs and series like “Biblical Forensics: Real Faces of the Bible,” “The Jesus Discovery,” “Biblical Conspiracies” and “The Naked Archaeologist.” Most recently, Jacobovici was presented the esteemed Gordon Sinclair Award for Broadcast Journalism at the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards. 

Last Days of Jesus

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-Adam Grant

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