Organic Panic Unwraps a Great Gifting & Decorating Holiday Special



Organic Panic - Christmas 2016

In this evolving world of ours, the debate between those seeking to live an organic lifestyle, versus those who want to stick with the conventional products that they’ve known and loved for years, has become a very real thing.

Each side has a valid argument as to why their preference makes the most sense, sometimes leaving those in the middle with lots of extra information to process. Enter: “Organic Panic.”

Premiering this festive season is “Organic Panic Christmas Special: Christmas Decorations and Gifts.” In this engaging hour-long documentary, one family will experience what it’s like to do both an organic and conventional Christmas.

Organic Panic - Christmas 2016

Together, Joann, who operates a vegan, lifestyle and parenting blog called Woman in Real Life, and her high school teacher husband, Lou, (along with their children Lily and Evan) quickly become exposed to contrasting, yet exciting decor and gift-giving options.

“If you get more organic things around you, you get closer to the environment; you get closer to what’s healthier for you,” offers architect, television host and green design expert, Emmanuel Belliveau. “Maybe the idea of getting close to that gets you closer to what’s really important about Christmas.”

In this “Organic Panic” special, Belliveau unveils a number of environmentally friendly ways to go about buying and decorating a tree, seeking out gifts and how to wrap them without having to eventually fill trash bags with discarded wrapping paper destined for landfills.

Organic Panic - Christmas 2016

On the other side of the fence is television host and creative designer, Ambrose Price, a man who does want your Christmas to be aesthetically pleasing and filled with great gifts, but also wants it to be convenient and cost affective.

“I’m more of a conventional type of guy,” admitted Price. “Not that I see anything wrong with organic, but I just find that it can be a little bit of a headache [to find] exactly what you want. When you go conventional, you have a lot more at your disposal.”

Continued Price: “I’m all for saving the environment, but let’s face it: someone’s got to make the world a pretty place to live.”

Organic Panic - Christmas 2016
To make his case for the conventional Christmas, Price takes the family shopping at a sizeable, non-organic decorations shop, making it clear that far more options are available (and more affordable) when not organic.

After experiencing both worlds, the family is left with plenty of food for thought. It’s safe to say that they’ll have much to consider this Christmas.

-Adam Grant

“Organic Panic Christmas Special: Christmas Decorations and Gifts” premieres Monday, December 5 at 9pm ET/6pm PT. An encore presentation can be seen Thursday, December 15 at 11pm ET/8pm PT.

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