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A User's Guide to Cheating Death: The V-Steam

In this highlight from “A User’s Guide to Cheating Death: Detox”, Dr. Jennifer Gunter, OB/GYN and Pain Medicine Physician and UGTCD host Timothy Caulfield cook up an herbal concoction called a Vagina Steam or V-Steam, which has been touted as a method of detoxing the female reproductive system. While stirring the steamy, fragrant mixture, they discuss the potential hazards this hot health trend would hold in store.

Just how far will we go to look good and live forever?

The anti-aging industry is worth almost $10 billion a year. People want to live forever, and they want to look good while doing it. But how much of it actually works? And is any of it harmful?

In the world premiere VisionTV 6-part docu-series “A User’s Guide to Cheating Death”, Follow renowned health expert, author and debunker extraordinaire Timothy Caulfield in a world premiere, 6-part VisionTV series as he travels the globe to explore the clash between science and pop culture.

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