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The Other Side: Investigative Team (L to R) Intuitive Jeff Richards, Paranormal Investigator Bill Connelly, Researcher Priscilla Wolf, Aboriginal Elder and Spirit Guide Tom Charles

The Other Side

Mon. - Thurs. | 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT (through Jan. 14, 2016)

The Other SideThe Other Side follows a team of paranormal investigators who, with the guidance of an Aboriginal Elder, seek the truth behind Canada’s real life hauntings.

Active spirits, sometimes playful, other times angry and violent, have pushed through to our world from The Other Side. Intuitive Jeff Richards, paranormal investigator Bill Connelly, researcher Priscilla Wolf and Aboriginal Elder and Spirit Guide Tom Charles embark on a paranormal expedition to find out why. The team engages the spirits through a mix of technology, intuition, and Aboriginal spirituality and ceremony, all with the hope of restoring balance between our world and the world where the spirits walk. The Other Side is an innovative examination of spirits, our fears, and how different beliefs can be brought together to calm them.

To learn more, visit theothersidetv.ca.

The Other Side


Jeff RichardsJeff Richards – Intuitive

Jeff is a well known psychic entertainer and intuitive who is sensitive to the paranormal. He uses contact ceremonies (formerly known as seances), pendulums and his highly-developed inner knowing to respectfully contact “The Other Side”.

Although Jeff is of Aboriginal descent, “The Other Side” was his first opportunity to approach paranormal phenomenon using Aboriginal Spirituality as shared by elders, healers and medicine people on the show.

The experience has had a profound effect on Jeff. “I have always aimed to enrich the lives of others by opening their eyes to world of the unseen. A world often misunderstood and taken for granted. This show has opened MY eyes to that world on a level I could have never anticipated. I now see that my journey of exploring the complexity of the afterlife is just beginning, and I now have a new understanding that will guide me on this path.”

Bill ConnellyBill “Paranorbill” Connelly – Paranormal Bad Boy

Bill talks straight and searches for hard evidence. Always a skeptic first, he has captured reels of undisputed paranormal evidence. It all started when he was a young kid growing up in a funeral home and saw a spirit staring down at its dead body in the casket…

Bill’s fascination with capturing evidence of paranormal activity has escalated from a hobby to his life’s work. Bill has every piece of paranormal investigation equipment imaginable but also relies on something he calls his “weird thing” – the ability to sense good and bad energy. He says it’s because spirits are drawn to him and always have been.

Despite Bill’s bad-boy image—including his tattoed arms and trademark mohawk — he has experience working with Spirit Guides in past investigations; including elders, healers and medicine people and he has a deep respect for traditional teachings.

Priscilla WolfPriscilla Wolf – Researcher/ Cultural Liaison

Priscilla grew up in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and she is from the Mistawasis First Nation. From an early age, her parents taught her about their Aboriginal traditions, and when she was a teenager she attended Roman Catholic boarding school. As a result, she brings knowledge of two different philosophies and practices when it comes to the spiritual world.

Priscilla is also a news veteran who knows how to get to the bottom of the story. Educated as a journalist, Priscilla brings professional research skills to the team and is tasked with digging up the truth behind each incident the team investigates.

“Growing up in a traditional Aboriginal background, there was always a belief that there are spirits around….I can tell you, I am more of a believer now.”

Tom CharlesTom Charles, Elder & Spiritual Intuitive

When Tom was a small child, his aunt went missing and the memory of that loss left a profound impact on him. “No one should ever experience that feeling of helplessness that I felt for many years,” says Tom. Sixty-plus years later, Tom is still dedicated to helping others find their missing loved ones using what can only be explained as an otherwordly intuition….Tom’s background is very much shrouded in mystery , but his amazing abilities in paranormal communication have quickly made believers out of everyone he comes into contact with.


The Other Side S1E11: The Atlas Mine, Pt. 1

The Conspiracy Show S3E11: The Bilderberg Group

The Other Side S1E8: Duck Lake Part 1

The Other Side: Investigative Team (L to R) Intuitive Jeff Richards, Paranormal Investigator Bill Connelly, Researcher Priscilla Wolf, Aboriginal Elder and Spirit Guide Tom Charles

The Other Side

Tom Charles

Priscilla Wolf

Bill Connelly

Jeff Richards

Jeff Richards

The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side

The Other Side 600



Watch online below | 1-01 Bekevar: “That Wasn’t Me”

With the help of a young caretaker, the team investigates the spirit of a mysterious woman who haunts a secluded church.

Watch online below | 1-02 Western Development Museum: “That’s For Sure”

The team encounters a boy who is determined to find his parents and who may be the victim of a paranormal bully.

Watch online below |1-03 North Battleford Part 1: “Your Name Is Lucifer?”

Personal beliefs and team dynamics are stressed to the max when an invisible assailant attacks.

Watch online below | 1-04 North Battleford Part 2: “Harold?”

Determined to overcome personal fears, the team relies on traditional beliefs to help the spirit of a young boy move on and discovers an angry spirit is following them.

Watch online below | 1-05 Western Development Museum Revisited: “Was That You In My Dream?”

The team returns to a familiar location to confront an aggressive spirit who is stalking them.

Watch online below | 1-06 Moosehead: “Give Us a Sign, Please”

The team visits a nightclub with a long and storied history of paranormal activity.

Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016 at 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT | 1-07 Gladeau: “This Is My Home”

The discovery of a secret leads the team to help a family free their home from the previous owners who have been dead for more than twenty years.

Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016 at 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT | 1-08 Duck Lake Part 1: “That’s the Sound”

Rebellion, murder and tragic death by fire are the backdrop to strange encounters in a small-town hotel.

Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016 at 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT | 1-09 Duck Lake Part 2: “Please Move the Glass”

The team continues their investigation in a haunted hotel.

Monday, Jan. 11, 2016 at 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT | 1-10 Kerrobert: “Jill? Jilly? Jillian?”

Jeff risks physical injury and Priscilla faces her own fear in exploring an old courthouse in a town with a dark past.

Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016 at 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT | 1-11 Atlas Mines Part 1: “I Can’t Go In There”

More than 220 people died in the history of the Atlas coal mine. The team investigates paranormal activity at the abandoned site.

Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016 at 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT| 1-12 Atlas Mines Part 2: “We All Loved You”

The team investigates the spirit of a long dead mine boss and reunites two friends, one living and one dead.

Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016 at 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT | 1-13 Nippi: “Iskwew”

The team tries to help a family plagued by a dark figure and struggles to gain control of a harrowing situation.


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