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Quartet: (L to R) Wilf Bond (BILLY CONNOLLY), Jean Horton (MAGGIE SMITH), Reginald Paget (TOM COURTENAY), Cissy Robson (PAULINE COLLINS)


Wed. April 24 & Thurs. April 25 | Midnight ET/9pm PT & 9pm ET/6pm PT

In Quartet, once-popular opera diva Jean Horton (Maggie Smith) creates a stir with her arrival at Beecham House, a home for retired performers. No one feels the uproar more than Reginald (Tom Courtenay), Jean’s ex-husband, who still stings from her long-ago infidelity.

Most of the other Beecham residents are delighted, and try to convince Jean to join them in a performance of “Rigoletto.” Jean, however, knows that she is long past her prime and is reluctant to sully the memory of her once-lovely voice.

Also starring Billy Connolly, Pauline Collins, Michael Gambon and Cilla’s Sheridan Smith. Directed by Dustin Hoffman. (2012)

Quartet: Wilf Bond (BILLY CONNOLLY), Reginald Paget (TOM COURTENAY)Quartet: Jean Horton (MAGGIE SMITH)

Quartet: Jean Horton (MAGGIE SMITH), Cissy Robson (PAULINE COLLINS)Quartet: Jean Horton (MAGGIE SMITH), Cissy Robson (PAULINE COLLINS)


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