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St. Michael's Senior Choir - PWST

People Who Sing Together

Fridays | 10:30pm ET/7:30 PT

“People Who Sing Together” is an entertainment and variety series featuring Canadian choirs leading us through popular hymns, gospel and traditional songs. 

Throughout the series, interviews with singers will focus on the importance of the songs to their own self-discovery. Lyrics will be superimposed on screen and people at home will be able to sing their hearts out.

Visit the official People Who Sing Together site here. Do you want to perform on the show or know a group who should be featured? Apply here.

No more videos for this show - You can watch this show on Vision TV. Check out our show schedule.

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2 Responses to People Who Sing Together

  1. Marsha Serrette says:

    I really enjoyed the series. I hope you continue with other groups who love to sing together. 4 weeks was just not enough!

  2. Eric Williams says:

    I am really enjoying the series (People Who Sing Together). Has there been any thought of making some sort of completion out of it?

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