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One Foot in the Grave

One Foot in the Grave

Thursdays | 8pm ET/5pm PT

Bald, bad-tempered and bolshie, Victor Meldrew (Richard Wilson) might be old and pensioned off, but he is not prepared to take insults, sloppiness or stupidity lying down. His favourite phrase, “I don’t believe it!” greets every new catastrophe and, being Victor, the smallest thing can assume epic proportions.

People, in Victor Meldrew’s view, were created to annoy him. And Victor annoys them too, provoking them to extremes.

Sharing the misery, nightmares and confusion are his long-suffering wife Margaret (she’ll never forget the day she found Victor buried up to his neck with a flowerpot over his head), friend Mrs Warboys (she’ll never forget that country walk with her foot cemented to Victor’s), and neighbours Mr Swainey and his bedridden mother, Pippa (she will never forget the pile of radio-active manure on her drive) and Patrick (who will never forget the hideous experience of having a crab surgically removed from his genitals).


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