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Monarch of the Glen Season 5 Cast

Monarch of the Glen

Wednesdays | 9pm ET/6pm PT

The magnificent Cairngorms are the beautiful backdrop as Archie MacDonald tries to come to grips with being the new laird of a huge, decaying family estate in the Highlands of Scotland.

Archie is 28 and just about to open his trendy new fish restaurant in London with his beautiful girlfriend, Justine, when he gets the news of his unexpected inheritance. Glenbogle is one of the largest sporting estates in the Highlands.

He will be the feudal landlord over 40,000 acres, 200 tenants, a house which makes Balmoral look like a cottage, and with an overdraft to match. To make matters worse, his aged eccentric parents, Hector and Molly MacDonald, come as part of the furniture and the local schoolteacher, feisty Katrina Finlay, is determined to make things as difficult as possible for Archie. There is also the high-spirited and fiery cook/housekeeper Lexie to contend with.

Monarch of the Glen


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