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King David

King David

Monday, April 2 | Midnight ET/9pm PT

In “King David,” the prophet Samuel condemns Saul (Edward Woodward) and secretly anoints David (Richard Gere) king of Israel, according to the Old Testament.

More about Richard Gere (courtesy of Biography.com):

Gere became an actor on the rise in the 1980s. In 1980, he had the title role in “American Gigolo.” Gere’s character in the film is the personification of smooth and cool with his distinctive fashion style and swagger. Two years later, he came to embody the romantic lead in “An Officer and a Gentleman” opposite Debra Winger. Gere plays a troubled military recruit who gets involved with a local girl near his basic training camp. The drama proved to be a box office hit.

In 1990, Gere enjoyed another wave of success with the romantic comedy “Pretty Woman.” The film follows the unlikely relationship that develops between a prostitute, played by Julia Roberts, and her client (Gere). He also showed himself capable of handling more weighty roles, such as the dirty cop in 1990’s “Internal Affairs” and a defense attorney in “Primal Fear.”

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