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Peter Falk stars as Lt. Columbo in Columbo: Publish or Perish

Columbo: Publish or Perish

Wed. March 21 & Thurs. March 22 | Midnight ET/9pm PT & 9pm ET/6pm PT

Mystery writer Mickey Spillane stars as a writer marked for for death by his Publisher in “Publish or Perish.”

Jack Cassidy, Mariette Hartley, Jacques Aubuchon and John Chandler also guest star in this episode which marked Spillane’s return to acting after a 10 year absence.

Allen Mallory (Spillane) informs his publisher Riley Greenleaf (Cassidy) he’s going to sign with a competing publishing house when his contract expires in three weeks. The ruthless Greenleaf then hires a gunman (Chandler) to eliminate Mallory.

Mariette Hartley plays Eileen McRae, Mallory’s agent and Jacques Aubuchon appears as Publisher Geoffrey Neal.

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