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Longevity Road Trip - Multi Pano 4 - 10 People/5Journeys

Humanity is on the verge of a profound change. Humans are going to live longer – perhaps radically longer – than ever before, while maintaining the health and vigour of youth. Advances in genetic engineering, microbiology, pharmaceuticals and a host of other fields provide hard evidence that significant life extension is within our grasp. So what does this mean for each of us on an individual level? What can we do right now to take part in this longevity revolution? To answer these questions Longevity Road Trip will follow ten people on an extraordinary adventure.

In Longevity Road Trip, five retirement age couples embark on journeys as unique as they are, each one designed to explore and extend the limits of ageing and ultimately, to keep them young. We’ll join them as they reveal the secrets of a mysterious billion-dollar research centre in California; navigate the Bermuda Triangle in search of the real, historical Fountain of Youth and divine tantric arts on the beaches of Cap d’Agde. They’ll push their bodies to the limits of endurance in the Austrian Alps and surf the wild coast of Peru as they enrich their own lives by changing the lives of others for the better. From high-falutin, to folksy, to just plain flakey, each trip will challenge the voyaging couple to transform themselves and everything we believe we know about ageing.

Longevity Road Trip - Multi Pano 3 - Looking for Ways

The couples profiled in Longevity Road Trip represent diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. What they have in common is a desire to live longer while improving their physical health and mental faculties. Most of us believe ageing means frailty and then death. For most, ageing is to be avoided at all costs. But the couples taking part in Longevity Road Trip believe that how long we live may soon be entirely under our control. These couples believe that it is within their power to not only extend their lives, but to ensure that their quality of life remains as good as it was in their youth.

Cutting edge research into the fields of health and longevity appears to support this belief. Studies being conducted right now suggest that within the next decade, the means to live radically longer lives, hundreds, maybe thousands of years, might be possible.

The ability to stay forever young is tantalizingly close. How we got to this point and where we are heading is a fascinating story. Each couple profiled in Longevity Road Trip have their own compelling stories about what has sent them on this journey. Their life stories will intersect with the narrative of aging: the past present and future of our desire for eternal youth. Longevity Road Trip will look at the science, psychology, sociology and the spirituality of aging from the point of view of unforgettable characters who go to unforgettable places.

Longevity Road Trip was co-produced and written by Chris Remerowski and David Bratton and directed by Chris Remerowski of Sixteen Films in partnership with ZoomerMedia Limited.

Longevity Road Trip - Multi Pano 1 - Austria/Peru



Monday, March 19 at 9:30PM ET

Episode 1

Recently married couple Sonia and Lennox journey to Lobitos, a remote village on the Peruvian coast. They work with a local community group to teach children to surf, speak English, learn ocean ecology and become community leaders.

Monday, March 26 at 9:30PM ET

Episode 2

Silicon Valley and the Blue Zones
Husbands Ian and Leon discuss the future of tech and genetic research in longevity in San Francisco, then drive a classic car across the pacific coast highway to Seventh-day Adventist community Loma Linda to learn about Blue Zones and simple lifestyle changes to live longer.

Monday, April 2 at 9:30PM ET

Episode 3

Fountains of Youth
Best friends Vivian and Shirley swim with dolphins in sacred waters, visit the real site of the Fountain of Youth and learn about the history of humanity’s quest for immortality.

Monday, April 9 at 9:30PM ET

Episode 4

Love, Sexuality and Aging
(South of France)
Unconventional couple Taimi and Haldun meet with a sex therapist to explore their physical and romantic connection, then travel to the Cap d’Agde in the south of France to visit a nudist colony and a swingers resort after meeting with France’s leading expert on sex and aging.

Monday, April 16 at 9:30PM ET

Episode 5

(Innsbruck Austrian Alps/Hamilton MacMaster University)
Lily and Oren visit a cutting edge lab at McMaster to learn how exercise can repair your DNA. They travel to a luxury resort in the Austrian Alps to undergo a rigourous training regimen designed to keep their bodies and minds young and strong.



Longevity Road Trip
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Longevity Road Trip

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Longevity Road Trip
Ian and Leon

2 / 14
Longevity Road Trip
Sonia and Lennox

3 / 14
Longevity Road Trip
Taimi and Haldun

4 / 14
Longevity Road Trip
Lily and Oren

5 / 14
Longevity Road Trip
In “Longevity Road Trip,” five Zoomer-aged couples and friends travel the world to learn about how they might be able to positively extend their lives.

6 / 14
Longevity Road Trip
On the waters of Peru.

7 / 14
Longevity Road Trip
While in California...

8 / 14
Longevity Road Trip
In “Longevity Road Trip,” five Zoomer-aged couples and friends travel the world to learn about how they might be able to positively extend their lives.

9 / 14
Longevity Road Trip
On the waters of Peru.

10 / 14
Longevity Road Trip
Taimi and Haldun

11 / 14
Longevity Road Trip
Ian and Leon

12 / 14
Longevity Road Trip
Lily and Oren

13 / 14
Longevity Road Trip
Fishermen in Peru.

14 / 14
Longevity Road Trip
In “Longevity Road Trip,” five Zoomer-aged couples and friends travel the world to learn about how they might be able to positively extend their lives.

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