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Prince William Plays Goal with English Footballers

For some it’s football, for others it is soccer. Semantics aside, what we do know for sure about this sport is its broad global appeal. Children, teenagers, adults and even seniors in countries far and wide love to kick the ball around with their mates. And who can blame them? When all you really need is a ball to get a match going, it is no wonder a plethora of people are always lining up to play.

(To avoid any confusion going forward, we shall refer to this sport as football.)

Do you know who really loves football? Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. In fact, he loves the sport so much that he has served as President of the Football Association for more than 10 years.

On July 13, Prince William held a reception for the England Women’s Football Team ahead of their participation in the forthcoming UEFA Women’s Cup. The team, which is also known as the Lionesses, finished in third place at the 2015 World Cup.

During the team’s visit to Kensington Palace, they received well wishes from Prince William, before getting on the pitch for a “kick-about” with a girls football team from the Wildcats Girls’ Football program. This program is designed to get girls aged 5-11 involved in soccer and to help them develop life skills.

As you could imagine, there was plenty of social media activity connected to this gathering. Our favourite moment, and hopefully yours, is when Prince William tried to show his goalie skills off to a young striker.

-Adam Grant


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