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Downton Abbey Quotable Quiz: Who Said It?

Downton Abbey Quotable Quiz

Are you ready to play a good ol’ fashioned parlour game?

After five years of comings and goings on from upstairs to downstairs, and from dining room to pantry, the walls of Downton Abbey have heard many a poignant phrase, tart-tongued retort and flippant quip from its inhabitants and guests. Thanks to Academy Award winner Julian Fellowes and the stellar cast members who’ve brought their characters to life before our eyes and into our living rooms, we’ve relished in all this great dialogue too.

Who can forget, “What is a weekend”, or “I’m a woman, Mary. I can be as contrary as I choose”?

There have been many memorable things said since this blockbuster period drama first graced our screens, but can you remember who said them? Let’s test your memory mettle. Take this quiz to see how you stack up as a true blue, Downton devotee.

Reminisce and rediscover with us as we present an encore of Downton Abbey’s first 5 seasons every Wednesday night at 10pm ET/7pm PT. Plus, discover photos, video and much more at our Downton Abbey Show Hub.

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