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Words of Peace: Prem Rawat to Speak in Toronto

Words of Peace: Feel Peace - Prem RawatBuilding a culture of peace has been a life-long mission for Prem Rawat, international speaker. VisionTV viewers of Words of Peace show may be interested to know that he will be speaking in Toronto this summer at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, on Sunday, 13 July at 7:00 p.m. (1, Front Street East, Toronto, Ontario).

“Peace will be humanity’s greatest achievement.” – Prem Rawat

Crisscrossing the globe for over four decades, Prem Rawat has attracted audiences from all walks of life. The honorary title “Ambassador of Peace” was granted him by a number of governmental and academic institutions.

“Peace is the fundamental human right of every human being. The finest achievement of mankind is not cell phones, not rockets, not long bridges over vast expanses of water. The finest achievement of mankind is not the tallest skyscrapers. The most magnificent achievement of mankind will be peace on earth.

And this is what we all have to work on.” – Prem Rawat

“Listening to Prem Rawat just gets better and better. I was at the Lisbon, Portugal event, and at the Time for Peace Festival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. I’m pumped to have him here in Toronto… not only do I get to tell my friends about it, but I can once again be reminded about how precious life is.” – Brindan Baskaran

If you’d like to hear Prem Rawat in person, you can request an invitation [learn more about the invitation process]. As always, tickets are free of charge but donations are encouraged to help support the event’s cost. wopg.org

VisionTV is proud to present the Words of Peace TV Canada show every Saturday at 3 pm in English, and at 3:30 in Hindi.

“Toronto is such a busy, bustling world class city. This summer, it’s time for peace in Toronto, so we are welcoming Prem Rawat to town.” – Lina R.


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